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Collecting United States Coins.

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Types of U.S. Coins & Collections

{Collecting U.S Coins by Type}

{Collecting U.S Coins by Date & Mint}


Collecting U.S. Coins by Type.

A type collection consists of one coin of each denomination of every type of coin ever produced.
Type collecting is the second most popular way to collect coins. For many, it is the only way. A type collection has a certain appeal that collecting any other way can not compare.
You can begin a type collection by taking the following coins from circulation: a Susan B. Anthony dollar; an Ike Dollar; a Kennedy half dollar; a Washington quarter1998 or before; a 50 State quarter 1999 or latter; ; a Roosevelt dime; a Jefferson nickel; and a Wheat Back lincoln cent, 1958 and before and Memorial lincoln cent, 1959 and latter.

Once you have set aside these coins, you have a start on a type set of American coins. The advantages of type collecting are immediately obvious. A complete type set of coins fitting this classification is quite impressive, and one you will be proud to display. There are many Coin albums, Folders and wall type plaques available for this type of coin collection made by Whitman, Dansco and H.E.Harris. Another advantage is that you can use common-date coins, which are less expensive, especially in the better grades.

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Collecting U.S.Coins by Date & Mint.

Collecting coins by date is not much different then collecting by type. You pick the type you enjoy to collect and you can collect one coin of each year that they were minted. Thus you have what is called a date set. This is one good way to put a collection together as certian coins of each year are more easy to aquire than others.

Example, take a the 1916 Quarter; a 1916 Standing Liberty Quarter in GOOD condition would cost you about $1,200.00 to buy for your date set, but a 1916 Barber Quarter would cost about $12.00 in fine condition to purchess. You will find this example to hold true with most all of the year sets you put together.

Once you have a good start on your date set you could start adding the in-between coins with mint marks to fill in all of the spaces.
Some collectors start and stay with the date sets, hoping some day to have one coin made of every year in every denomination. example; a Cent, Nickle, Dime, Quarter, Half Dollar and maby even a Dollar coin all in the same year.

It's your hobby, you decide what and how you want to collect.
"Thats what makes it FUN"
webbie :-)


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